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      2. 技术服务

        Simulation services

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        The company has a comprehensive, professional simulation technology team, and ANSYS, Flotherm, HFSS, SIwave, Modex3D and other mainstream simulation analysis software. Provide accurate and efficient simulation services to customers, include mechanicalthermalelectrical and Model flow simulation analysis services.

        Technical support

        Mechanical simulation:

        Package Stress analysis

        Warpage evaluation

        failure analysis

        reliability evaluation

        Thermal simulation:

        Thermal performance evaluation of package level, board level and system level

        Theta-Ja, Theta- Jb, Theta- Jc thermal resistance parameter data

        Thermal performance evaluation of various shape heat sink packages

        Thermal performance evaluation of forced air cooling condition

        Thermal performance evaluation of Liquid cooling condition

        Electrical simulation:

        Signal integrity analysis

        Power integrity analysis

        IR-Drop analysis

        RLC Parameter extraction

        IBIS model extraction

        Model flow simulation

        Filling analysis

        wire sweep analysis


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